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Domainparking.co.uk offers a 'Totally Free' domain parking service helping you get the most out of your dormant domains. We not only give you an amazing percent of the advertisers CPC (cost per click) but we also give you detailed statistics along with cash generating web pages to help you maximise your exposure on the net.

More often than not users receive anything from 0.10p up to £4.00+ per paid advertising link clicked via there parking page..

How It Works?
We have thousands of advertisers worldwide which pay for keyword placement within our search engine. So if an advertiser, e.g. 'American Express' pays £6.40 for the keyword 'Loans' and a member of public is directed to your parked domain page and clicks a 'Loans' link - You will automatically earn £3.20 for that 1 click. It's as easy as that.

You will also be furnished with some fantastic domain tools which will enable you to manage and control your domain names via a simple control panel.

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