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What is Domain Parking? top

Domain Parking is used by people which have registered a domain name, more commonly known as a website address. Displayed on these web address's are targeted advertising links which relate to the domain. Each time a user clicks on an advertising link while browsing the website, the owner of the domain name (website address) earns a percentage of what the company paid to be listed there, more often than not the user receives anything from £0.10p up to £4.00+ per click.

How does Domain Parking work? top

We have thousands of advertisers worldwide which pay for keyword placement within our search engine, so if an advertiser pays £6.00 for the keyword 'loans' and a member of public is directed to your parking page and clicks on a 'loans' link, you will earn a referral fee of approx £4.20 per click, it's as easy as that!

How do I setup and manage my domains? top

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Step 1: Create a Domain Profile e.g., Finance Domains.
            Then set the properties of the Domain Profile.

Step 2: You then upload your finance domains to that folder

Step 3: You Start Making Money

Note A: There is no limit to the amount of names you can list on Domain Parking

Note B: Once you signup you are furnished with a step-by-step guide on how to easily manage your domains via your admin area.

How do I point my domain names? top

When setting up your 'Domain Profiles' via your admin area on Domain Parking, you will be asked if you wish to forward your names using 'Web Forwarding' or 'DNS Forwarding'. We always recommend selecting 'DNS' as its easier to manage large amounts of domains. Once you have selected your method you will need to login to your control panel of where you purchased your domain name from e.g. your internet service provider (ISP). Once logged in click on the name you wish to manage and simply redirect it by selecting the method you chose when creating your 'Domain Profile'. If you selected 'Web Forwarding' you will need to copy the code from your 'Domain Parking' admin area and paste it into your ISP's control panel. If you selected 'DNS Forwarding' then click on Manage DNS within your ISP control panel and change the records to (see below)

ns1.domainparking.co.uk -
ns2.domainparking.co.uk -

How do I become a member? top

We are very pleased you have asked this question as it's the easiest one to answer.

Simply click the link: SIGNUP NOW

What Stats will I have access to? top

You have access to the following stats.

1. Hits
2. Clicks
3. CTR (Click through rate)
4. CPC (Cash per click)
5. Projected Earnings
*  Per day
*  Per week
*  Per month
*  Per year
6. Searches on each individual domain & the revenue made.
7. All stats archived.
8. Money made today, yesterday, and totalised.

Plus more....

Can any country join Domain Parking? top

The simple answer to this question is YES, any country can join Domain Parking.. We welcome all countries to use our Free domain parking service.

Can I sell my domain names? top

When listing your domains with Domain Parking you also have the option to also sell them. You can do this by simply selecting 'Yes' within your domain portfolio or 'No'.  If you select "YES" a "For Sale" link will appear at the bottom of your parking page allowing buyers to communicate with you direct. You also have the option to display stats, asking price, and write a description e.g. Domain for sale without content etc.

Can I buy domain names? top

You can buy domains which are listed on Domain Parking only if the seller has stated it is for sale / make offer. To make an offer on a domain name you will need to either create a domain seller/buyer account, or create a domain parker account with Domain Parking which will then allow you to communicate direct with the seller.

Please note: All offers made or excepted are legally binding.

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Where can I register a domain name? top

The answer is 123-reg We offer a domain name service which offers full DNS management, web and email forwarding as standard on all domains and all for a great price.

When and how do I get paid? top

Payments can be made by:

* BACS (Only Available to UK residents)

Payments which are made by cheque are sent direct to the registered user. Please make sure your account details are correct as payments will be sent to that address unless specified otherwise.

Please note that if a cheque is lost or misplaced a fee of £10.00 will be issued to cancel it and another payment to be made.

For PayPal payments to be made you will need to select the PayPal option when editing 'Payment Method'. This can be done within your control panel under 'Account' then 'Details.


If you provide the wrong PayPal address or monies get lost using this method - No further monies will be paid / resent until all funds have been returned to our PayPal account successfully.

If you wish to receive payments via Wire Transfer the cost to the user is as follows:

* WORLDWIDE SERVICE: £25 (This is what the user pays)

Please Note:
We are currently setting up banks around the world which will enable us to soon offer this service for free. All our US Customers will be the first to benefit from this service as it should be ready within the next month.

If you are a UK resident you can use this service totally free of charge. All we require are your bank details which can be securely added when selecting 'Payment Method' via your domain parking admin area. Payments typically clear within 3 working days, or instantly if you bank with HSBC

PAYMENT TERMS (when we pay you)
Webfusion Limited pays commission direct to the affiliate 35 days from receipt of invoice. The only time payment will not be made within a 35 day period would be if 'Webfusion Limited' had not received payment from our feed provider(s). If our feed provider(s) was late in making payment this would results in monies being paid to the 'user' once funds have cleared in our bank account ('Webfusion Limited'). Once funds are made available payments can be sent immediately to all user(s) which have requested monies via there 'Payment History' screen listed in there control panel. We pay you the 'user' for every verified click generated via your domain(s), any click(s) Webfusion Limited or our feed provider(s) deem as fraudulent will not be paid out on. We try our very best to protect our advertisers from any fraudulent use / clicks and believe they should only pay for genuine traffic / clicks.

Amounts to be invoiced must exceed £20.00

All Monies will be carried forward until this target is met.

When requesting PayPal payments please double check you have sent us the correct email address as payments will be sent direct to that person. If the email address you provide is incorrect and payment is made, you will not receive funds owed until we have had monies returned to our PayPal account. If for any reason we feel the member in question is using this service fraudulently, funds will not be paid and the users account will be closed.

For other methods of payment please submit a support ticket via your admin area, thank you.

Is there a minimum out payment? top

Our minimum balance for payment is £20.00 - If this amount is not reached it will then accumulate until you have done so.

What is geo targeting? top

The geo-targeting feature allows us to identify the country of origin of your users and display advertiser results accordingly. So, for example, if a user in America were to search your parking page then we would return advertiser results from our US advertiser programme.  As well as improving the quality of traffic which our advertisers receive (which in turn drives up bid prices), Geo-targeting also increases the relevance of the ads displayed to your users, making them more likely to click through to them.

Do I need a certain amount of traffic to join? top

No, you can have 1 or 1000+ visitors each day viewing your site, it doesn't matter!

I want to make money but don't own a domain? top

There is a simple solution to this factor "BUY A DOMAIN".
All you have to do is think of a topic, an industry, a good keyword, then buy that name.  For the best returns we suggest you buy a name people are likely to type, e.g. loans.com etc.  The 2 top industries which pay well are "Finance & Insurance" so when making your purchase take that into account.  For the sake of spending $9.95 you might as well give it ago. Most people make there money back in a few clicks, everything after that is pure profit. Once you see your domain making money we guarantee you'll be buying more.


How do I bid for a domain which is for sale? top

To make an offer on a domain name you will need to Register at Domain Parking. Once you are a member you simply click the link 'Make Offer' or 'Sales Price' which is next to the desired domain, at this point the seller is notified via email of the offer and can then decide whether or not to enter negotiation with you direct.

How much money can I make using Domain Parking? top

The better your domain names are, the more money you will make.

We guarantee you will earn from £0.10p up to £4.20+ for every advertising link clicked via your parked domain page

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